Publications of Stanley Rabinowitz    (continued)


Stanley Rabinowitz, Location of the Vertices of the Self-Polar Triangle of Two Ellipses

                                  International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics 8(2023)19–21.

Stanley Rabinowitz, Inequalities for Distances Between Triangle Centers.

                                  International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics 8(2023)42–64.

            Mathematica Notebooks:

Ercole Suppa and Stanley Rabinowitz, A Triad of Circles Associated with a Triangle.

                                  Sangaku Journal of Mathematics  7(2023)54–70.                   

Stanley Rabinowitz and Ercole Suppa, Properties of Ajima Circles.

                                  Sangaku Journal of Mathematics  7(2023)71–144.

Works in Progress

Stanley Rabinowitz, Ellipse Constructions and Delights

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