Publications of Stanley Rabinowitz    (chronological list)


Stanley Rabinowitz, Conic Sections and Limits, The Mathematics Student Journal, 12.1(1964)5-6.

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Stanley Rabinowitz, On the Computer Solution of Symmetric Homogeneous Triangle Inequalities; in Proceedings of the ACM-SIGSAM 1989 International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISAAC ’89), July 17-19, 1989. pp. 272-286. Scanned image. Supplement

            Macsyma programs: inequal, triang, testineq. Data files: tr, tr2, tr3, tr5, tr6, tr7, te

            Sample output: tr.list, tr2.list, tr3.list, tr5.list, tr6.list, tr7.list 

                  Mathematica notebooks: triang.nb, inequal.nb, testineq.nb, tr.nb, tr2.nb

Stanley Rabinowitz, Oblique Pythagorean Lattice Triangles. Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, 9(1989)26-29.

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Stanley Rabinowitz, Some Metric Inequalities for Lattice Polygons. The Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing,



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Stanley Rabinowitz, Abstract 863-11-482: A Spigot Algorithm for Pi, Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society,


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Stanley Rabinowitz, Why are the Exponents the Same? International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.


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             (edited by G. E. Bergum, et al.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands: 1996. pp. 389-408.

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             ISBN 0-9626401-5-8.

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             online version

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